The Honest to Goodness Truth on why Medical Tourists book home-like serviced apartment instead of an impersonal hotel room

Medical Tourists book serviced apartment for the convenience of a home away from the feeling. the convenience the serviced apartment gives for the Medical tourists visiting Bangalore.

“Serviced Apartment – Where Convenience Meets Luxury.”

Why Medical Tourists book serviced apartment

Nothing is essential for a Medical Tourist than a comfortable place to stay during his treatment. He either alone or with family, stops over for a short or long period according to the span treatment. The stay must be nearby his hospital and offers a quiet atmosphere to unwind and revive while receiving a better cure. So, he must choose the right destination so that he shouldn’t feel uncomfortable or cause unwanted stress. It is the reason; Serviced apartments are an excellent option for those guests from another country. If you are also one of a medical tourist and finding difficulty in picking out your stay, here are the top reasons for a Medical Tourists book serviced apartments for your days in India.

Get all Modern Conveniences and Entertainment, within Your Reach.”

Top reasons to go for a serviced apartment than hotel rooms

That ‘Home Away From Home’ feeling

Most people select serviced apartments because they have that ‘home away from home’ feel. Instead of a cold, unfriendly hotel room, you will have a sizeable accommodating room with comfortable furniture and a relaxed atmosphere. You’ll no longer feel homesickness if you stay in a serviced apartment. Instead, you will feel like staying at your new home, which is only going to give you more time to unwind on your treatment days.


There’s nothing in the world worse than arriving at your booked accommodation after a long hour of flight journey to find a pocket-sized hotel room with limited space. Serviced apartments provide generous living space with a lot of space to rest and recuperate. Most of the serviced apartments are 30% larger than a hotel guest room the most important reason who Medical Tourists book serviced apartment. so this makes you an ideal solution to stay with freedom.

Homely meals

Serviced apartments also provide a kitchen with the main reason why Medical Tourists book serviced apartment, which may convenient for those wanting to cook meals themselves or saving money on buying expensive food from restaurants. Such a kitchen convenience with basic cooking range is an effective relief for medical tourists who have special dietary needs. Almost all serviced apartments provide complimentary healthy breakfast so that you start your mornings without any cooking fuss. Whereas, hotels do not offer the privilege of their own kitchenette, making you depend on the restaurant food, which adds to the financial stress.

A customized experience

Staying in a serviced apartment is a fantastic experience no other can offer. You can have a personalized service or high levels of quality services at a more affordable price, which you really cannot achieve in a standard hotel room stay. Hotels do not have a facility for DIY laundry and cooking, whereas serviced apartments endowed with a lot of modern amenities. It includes washing/dryer combo, kitchenette, a maid on hire service, daily housekeeping service, rigorous security, etc. Moreover, the serviced apartment lets you choose your flexible timings to check-in and checkout, in contrast to the annoying traditional check-ins and checkouts. Thus, it creates an invincible value and a guaranteed level of service for all kinds of guests.

The best Amenities

Serviced apartments offer not only amenities of hotel rooms but also the added benefit of flexibility like home. Apart from being fully furnished, all the rooms come with state-of-the-art entertainment systems such as DVD player, cable connection and flat-screen television. Serviced apartments also offer fast and reliable internet services in comparison to the discouraging and slow-moving broadband connectivity at hotels.


You don’t have to downgrade to 1 or 2 stars to grab an affordable accommodation. Serviced apartments offer you luxury stay experience without the hefty hotel fare. With us, not only will you have comfortable and stylish lodging at a reasonable price, but also you can save more money by cooking all your meals in the kitchenette and storing groceries in your apartment fridge. It helps you eliminate or cut down on the meals you eat out, which makes a massive difference to your budget. Serviced apartments are the ideal choice for Medical Tourists as it makes you feel more personal with its caring, homely touches while covering all the service aspects you get in a hotel. The comforting living experience and cost savings through its in-apartment facilities, Serviced Apartment emerges as the safest, cost-effective and practical mode of accommodation. Take all the pros into consideration and make a smart move today. Switch to a serviced apartment and enjoy a memorable and relaxing stay.

“Find Your Freedom, at Affordable Rate”

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