Six tips you need to keep in mind before renting a room at a Serviced Apartment

Serviced Apartment Tips.Helpful tips in renting out a room in the best-Serviced apartments in Bangalore – Princess Square Serviced Apartments

“Serviced Apartment – Where the city is your backyard. “

Are you an avid traveller? Then, you must be familiar with the concept of Serviced Apartments, but if not, then it’s something worth trying at least once.

And we know you may want to, but you may be terrified to try out something new. Without knowing how to go about, you may feel confused, and that is understandable. But we have a few tips that can help you choose the right stay for you and your family. Keep the key things given on this blog in your mind before renting a room at a Serviced Apartment.

“Great Experiences Are Just Around The Corner.”

Keep these tips in mind before renting a room at a Serviced Apartment.

  • Check the availability of Kitchenettes

If you are going on a trip in remote areas, you should check if the hosts of the Serviced Apartment provide cooking facilities. It will help you from going out in the early morning hunting for food in an entirely new city. Instead, you can cook your favourite food within the comfort of your new home. So check whether you have a good kitchen with all the necessary amenities. If you are in a diet or have kids, a separate kitchen Nate can be a boon for you as you can make food according to your taste and preference. Some of the Serviced Apartment also provide maid on hire service if you are in no mood to prepare food. After all, you are in the new place to relax rather than wasting your precious time for cooking.

  • Make a note of the amenities offered by a Serviced Apartment

Always, always, check for the facilities provided by a Serviced Apartment. Check whether the apartment you are planning to stay at has all the necessary amenities including cable TV, Wi-Fi, air conditioners, power backup, geysers, morning tea, etc. These are the basics facilities you need the most, so make sure to check if they are available.

  • Look for transportation facilities, landmarks, and tourist spots around the stay

It would be best to be at a place where you can get a means of conveyance without much hassle. Renting a car or other means of transport may not be completely easy in a few areas (depending on where you are staying). But, if the popular tourist spots are near your apartment that you are planning to stay at, you would be able to go there on foot and explore the city much more quickly. So ensure you spot a Serviced Apartment within your travel conveyance.

  • Ask yourself who you are travelling with

If your family and kids are with you while travelling, you should choose a stay, located in a secured area and not in the outskirts of the city that you are visiting. Look at even the most delicate details of the area, as kids and elders of your family are with you. Check whether the apartment you are planning to stay at has medical stores and hospital around. Also, most Serviced Apartments don’t have elevators, so you might want to choose rooms that are on the ground floor. You need to make sure of all these little things when travelling with family.

  • Talk to the owners

Talking to the owners before finalising the accommodation is a must as he can tell you a lot about the stay are getting into. You will get an insight into the apartment and how the overall experience will be. Your hosts should be polite and friendly, especially if you’re travelling with your family. Ask every little thing you have in your mind about the place or the payment options and get your queries answered. If there is something you’d need, such as extra bedding or home-cooked food, ask if they would be willing to provide it. Communicate freely; ask what you have in mind, and let them question you too. It will make your stay comfortable.

  • Go by the reviews and ratings

The last one and the most important tip we have for you! Always check for the reviews and ratings of the Serviced Apartment you are planning to stay at. Anything between 3.5-5 stars is good, and below that, you might want to reconsider your options. If you’re going with family, check for the ratings by families with kids. If you are on a romantic getaway with your spouse, check for couples reviews. Reviews and ratings can give you a fair insight into different places and help you narrow down your options. So, don’t forget to read them.

Many people like you who travel to other states or countries find it difficult to adjust to the new culture and setting. Hotel services may let you feel welcome for a short period but not for long periods of stay as it burns a hole in your pocket and makes you long for your home. It leads most travellers to choose Serviced Apartment as a better option as it offers most of the aspects of their home.

Serviced Apartment makes you feel at ease, as though you were at home. If you consider all the points given above, you will get one of the premium apartment providing hotel-like facilities at an affordable budget. Choose the best stay on your next trip and make it memorable.

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