15 November 2019

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Serviced Apartments – The right place to stop over on your business trip to Bangalore

Business travellers seeking serviced apartments are a common phenomenon happening in recent years as the facility offered by the serviced apartments is far more than a hotel or a lodge.

“Apartments Tailored to Your Highest Standards.”

There are plenty of Business travellers seeking serviced apartments who travel away from their hometown for business purposes. Whether they commute alone or with a group or family, accommodation can be one of the main areas of concern. What they prefer will not be a stay that is just a place to sleep and relax, but a place to live and work with a feeling like they are at home. It is the reason most of the business travellers seeking serviced apartments over hotels and other stay options.

Serviced apartments are an ideal accommodation solution for Business travellers seeking serviced apartments who want a home-like environment. Here are the top reasons for the increasing number of Business travellers seeking serviced apartments than other options.

“Great Experiences Are Just Around The Corner.”

Why Business travellers seeking serviced apartments is the best than other options

Home comforts

The service apartment offers a secure and home-from-home comfort environment to the guests. Apartments often include separate spaces for living and sleeping as well as all the entertainment equipment you could desire. You can also expect to enjoy 30% more space than an equivalent standard of hotel. A typical one-bedroom service apartment is around twice the size of the average hotel room.

Value for money and save more

Serviced apartment prices are about 20% less than standard rates of hotel rooms. You don’t pay any hidden extras for mini-bars or room service in a serviced apartment. If you stay longer than twenty-eight days, you can save 4% reduction as VAT will get reduced.

Ease of cooking

Serviced apartments come with the kitchen, which makes cooking your favourite dishes, a piece of cake. Unlike hotel rooms, you don’t rely just on the hotel’s expensive foods; you can prepare meals whenever you want. You will get a spacious kitchen fully equipped with a cooker, dishwasher, fridge and washer/dryer and everything an ideal home kitchen will have.

For the times when you don’t wish to cook but want to stay in, you call upon the caretaker to organize the services of a private chef. He will prepare and serve your favourite meals just for you.

Greater privacy

Serviced apartments generally offer a higher degree of privacy than hotels. Once you have booked a serviced apartment, that’s it: you can play, work, or relax whenever you want. There’s no need to reserve a separate space for a meeting as you can host it in the dining room or living room. And for when you’re entertaining your family or friends you can relax in privacy as the serviced apartment guarantees with no fear of disturbing anyone else.

Rooms with good quality

Serviced apartments offer the same standard of living as you will find in many good quality hotels. They ensure a high grade of furniture and furnishings. You will also receive bed linen, towels and all other facilities you will get in a hotel room.

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