Amazing facts about why travellers should choose Serviced Apartment over hotels

choose Serviced Apartment over hotels

Why choose Serviced Apartment over hotels on your visit to Bangalore.

Serviced Apartments lets you enjoy a hassle-free stay in Bangalore. You can enjoy great savings depending on the location you want to stay in. And there are many apartments available to choose from. You can either opt for apartments in quaint neighbourhoods with historical charm or can choose to stay in the heart of the city. Here are a few reasons to choose Serviced Apartment over hotels. Why a Serviced Apartment is the best option for you.

Why Is Serviced Apartment the right option for you?

  • Big families and groups can save more for longer stays.

If you are a family with two or three children and have a budget to keep to, you should consider a two-bedroom apartment instead of two deluxe hotel rooms. Two deluxe rooms cost a fortune when compared with two-bedroom in a service apartment. So, why wouldn’t you want to enjoy more savings?

  • More privacy and 24-hour security

Serviced apartments provide mental peace while functioning as a home. A hotel room can be confined to your kids and other family members if you have a big family and are staying for a longer period. As serviced apartments design like a home, you can have your own private space, while others can do their own thing.

You will feel secure as there is 24-hour security for your family, which acts as a gatekeeper to strangers. It works just like a private home with proper surveillance round the clock. Comparing with other rental alternatives, it prevents unexpected guests turning up uninvited. Hence you can stay with peace of mind each time you leave the house.

  • You can store more necessary things.

With Service Apartments, your bigger luggage or baby strollers can be kept neatly away. Display your favourite decorations and furniture as you have more space to enjoy. When you are at a place for a longer period, things will accumulate naturally over time, and having colossal space helps you store all your items appropriately instead of piling them up in a corner due to space constraints.

  • More adventures for the young

Families with young and teenage children will find that they get more out of living in serviced apartments as there is a wide range of facilities to keep them engaged. Most of the Service Apartments have outdoor areas comprise pool, playgrounds, gym, and tennis courts. It will let them stay occupied throughout their stay.

  • Having a home in Bangalore’s most vibrant and happening neighbourhoods

You can walk freely like a local or soak in the atmosphere like a tourist. Whatever it is, the choice is yours. Whether you are in Bangalore for a short or long term stay, there is a vast range of serviced apartments located in every location in Bangalore. You can choose them according to your budget and taste.

  • Enjoy the best of both worlds

Why choose Serviced Apartment over hotels as you have the well-appointed facilities, including complimentary wireless connectivity (wi-fi), gym and pool facilities. You will also receive hotel-like accommodating services from the staff members along with the cosy and private ambience of a serviced apartment. Kitchenette, washer/dryer facilities are not available in a typical hotel setting. So, serviced Apartments are more suitable for mid to long term stays.

Serviced apartments are a boon for all types of tourists, including leisure tourists, business tourists, and medical tourists who don’t feel like staying in a hotel. In short, the Serviced Apartment is a home away from home, delivering all personalised services at your convenience.

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